Die, the Dir En Gray guitarist, has been working hard on his first solo venture.




The project band, titled DECAYS, has already been in the works since June, but will not be performing lives until later this July. Their first live performance will be held on July 27th at Akasaka BLITZ in Tokyo, the 2nd one on August 13th at Nagoya BOTTOM LINE, and the last live one day later, on August 14th, at Umeda CLUB QUATTRO in Osaka. Die is set to share the stage with sukekiyo (the solo project of DIR EN GREY’s vocalist Kyo) and FAKE? on all the dates listed.  Do As Infinity will be performing as the opening act at the first live show. The opening act for the rest of the shows have yet to be announced.



As of right now, the sound for DECAYS is still unsure as the website only gives out ticket and shows information. Stay tuned for more information.