Happyface Entertainmnet’s new girl group, Dream Catcher, keep teasing their fans ahead of debut!

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After several individual pictures, they are now back with two gorgeous group images; one for the day concept and one for the night concept. Check them out below!

They have also released a second vocal practice in which, all together, they showcase their vocals. Check it out above!


The group have released a creepy teaser for “Chase Me” in which we can see a man analysing and observing the girls, who seem to be doing a ritual involving a teddy bear. Watch it below!


Chase Me” trailer #2 is out and so is the track list! Check them out below!


Nightmare – Track List


Upcoming girl group DREAM CATCHER has revealed the audio preview for their debut with single album ‘Nightmare‘. It starts off with a dramatic intro, followed by the upbeat track “Chase Me” which gives off a rock feeling to a sweet softer sound for “Emotion“.

But check out the preview below!


The girls of DREAM CATCHER continue their horror theme with another teaser video for “Chase Me“. It seems like the man is having a ‘nightmare’ and gets chased by the group members who tortue him. But check it out yourself!