Dreamcatcher continue their nightmare theme with the news of their second single ‘Fall Asleep in the Mirror‘!


Following their debut with their first single album ‘Nightmare’ and their creepy “Chase Me” music video,  the girls of Dreamcatcher continue with their light and dark theme in their upcoming second single. They first announced their comeback with an image of a tree displaying their plans for a dual concept. The teasing schedule also reveals three sets of concept images will be released, followed by the tracklist, trailers, highlight medley and video teasers ahead of their return on April 5th!

So far the concept images have been released revealing a contrasting set of innocent and happy white version teasers and dark but just as beautiful black version teasers. Take a look at them below!

[White Version]

[Black Version]

Are you excited for Dreamcatchers return?


After revealing their ‘black’ and ‘white’ teaser images, the girls of Dreamcatcher have more for you! While the photos themselves are more colorful and saturated, their faces look rather expressionless.


The teasers for SuA and Gahyeon are out in which, like the others, they too are standing either against  a dark ominous background devoid of much life in black outfits, or in a field looking bright and radiant dressed in colourful outfits. Dreamcatcher are indeed embodying two different charms in their concept images; dark and light, and they manage to capture this in a dreamlike atmosphere. Stay tuned for their comeback on April 5th!