Eluphant has released a total of 5 music videos for their comeback with ‘Man On The Moon‘!



They pre-released “이사하는 날 (Souvenir)” featuring Gyepi (계피) of Autumn Vacation (가을방학) off of their new album. However, they have now made their full comeback and have released 4 more music videos!



They first released a 1-minute music video for “월식 150404 (Lunar Eclipse)“, followed by full music videos for “심심할때만 (SimSim)” (Only When You’re Bored) featuring SISTAR‘s Soyou,  “꽃 (Flower)“, “귀환 (Home Sweet Home)” and 우주소년단 (ABC)” featuring Im Han Byul.



Other than that, the album also features other great artists. You can check out the full track list on iTunes [HERE].



You can check out the pre-released music [HERE] and check out the new releases below!