Clover‘s Eun Ji Won stems out as a solo singer in his new track and music video for “Trauma” featuring Jeremy!



It’s been 2 and a half years since Eun Ji Won has done something as a solo artist, so fans will be delighted with this release! Eun Ji Won, who is usually oozing with charisma and intensity as a rapper, tones it down and strips it to just his vocals for this song. The song was also written, produced and composed by himself too, along with the rest of his mini album!



His EP solo album, ‘Trauma‘, consists of the following tracks:



1) Trauma

2) What U Are

3) Excuse

4) Soulmate




While the song is catchy and medium tempo, the lyrics are still quite sad as he reminisces about the person he has lost. Jeremy‘s verse adds great flavour to the song also with her gorgeous voice.



Check it out below and tell us your thoughts!