ex-SCREW member RUI (Shiobara Yasutaka) is back in the music industry as a solo artist!



RUI left SCREW last year with hopes of becoming a fashion designer and he has done just that. He has opened up his own fashion company “RIOT PRESIDENT” and made a debut as an actor, but it seems that he just couldn’t stay away from the music scene as he has just announced the release of his first mini album!  No longer using RUI but his real name Shiobara Yasutaka, he will be releasing his mini album ‘-overture-‘ containing 6 tracks!



1. 0.00001
2. -overture-
3. Don’t let me down
4. innocent star
5. unhurt
6. mirai drop (みらいドロップ)



You can listen to the album preview for ‘-overture-‘, which will be released on September 16th below!