It has been revealed that EXID may be joining the other girl groups in the summer comeback rush.



After having “AH YEAH” promotions through April and May, the girls of EXID have good news for their fans. A representative has revealed to StarNews that, “EXID had already set plans for an August comeback since the end of ‘Ah Yeah’ promotions. They will come out with a good song to pay back the fans’ support since ‘Up & Down’ and ‘Ah Yeah.’ They will actively greet everyone once again with a new song in August.”




In addition to news of an upcoming comeback in Korea this August, there is also news that the girls may be making an official debut in other parts of the world. A representative has previously revealed to Newsen that “The interest in EXID from international markets in not trivial. Inquiries in relation to the advancement into international markets are underway.” They are especially looking into breaking into the market in China and Taiwan, which would be practical as it is known that member Hani is proficient in Chinese.



The representative also revealed that they hope to make their advancement into the international market through concerts and events overseas during the summer time, but nothing had been confirmed yet.