Atsushi of EXILE and AI have collaborated again after seven years since their last release together.



EXILE’s Atsushi and AI have joined forces in their track “Be Brave”, which will be used in an upcoming drama by Fuji TV – “HEAT”.  This is the first time in seven years that the two artists have met again for a collaboration.



Their past collaboration together was titled “So Special”. It was a song that was featured on EXILE’s best-of album and released as a single by AI. Their latest song “Be Brave” will be released under a new name: EXILE ATSUSHI+AI.



Atsushi and AI have made comments regarding their upcoming release. Atsushi had the following to say: “As the drama will be a story about fire fighters, I wrote the song with the theme ‘life.’ Also inside of AI’s stomach lives a brand new life. I wanted to give courage to the life inside of her, the life of children, and of course, the life of adults, and also to those who have lost their loved ones.



On the other hand, AI said this:  “It’s been awhile since I’ve worked with Acchan (ATSUSHI), but it’s such an honor to be able to sing with him! I can really feel the spirit he puts into the songs that he sings. Also, we harmonized a lot this time, so it was fun to sing in a different way than the time we sang ‘So Special’.



“Be Brave” is set to be released this Autumn, so keep your eye on ATSUSHI+AI!