exist†trace are slated to release a new mini album next month!



The all female, Japanese band consists of 5 members; Jyou (vocals), Miko (guitar and vocals), Omi (guitar), Naoto (bass) and Mally (drums). They are one of Japan’s first all-female bands that are visual-kei, so the girls have made an incredible mark in the music industry. They have a huge fanbase, both in Japan and abroad, as they’ve performed in Asia, America and Europe too. They’ve had quite a handful of music releases since their debut in 2012, and now their next release, a mini album, titled ‘THIS IS NOW‘ is about to drop next month!



THIS IS NOW‘ is set to release on the 16th of March, 2016. It consists of 6 tracks in total. However, 2 of their previous songs that were released before will be included here too, because those two songs (“Twin Wings” and “Shout Out“) were only available at their live-shows in Japan. Now, their fan club, Archangel Diamond, have a second chance at snatching the two songs again! Check out the track list below:






4. Neo-Japanese Heroine




In addition,  their tour, “exist†trace present Attack to Nagoya – My Existence” will include guests BAND-MAID and sylph emew on March 19th, and a one-man show “Attack to Nagoya – Extreme Stage” on March 20th. exist†trace will conclude their promotional tour for ‘THIS IS NOW‘ with one-man shows titled “Blast Your Now” at Shibuya Eggman (Tokyo) on June 26 and Shinsaibashi Varon (Osaka) on July 9.



Fans who pre-order the mini album now will receive an exclusive photo set, so get cracking on it!



They’ve released some jacket images too below!



this is now exist trace




exist†trace official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/existtrace-201341433235814/