exist†trace has revealed the title and release date for their upcoming mini album ‘Royal Straight Magic‘!

Japan’s first all-female rock band will release their new album on November 16th and it will contain 6 tracks! Member miko, who is vocalist, guitarist and songwriter, shares that the title ‘Royal Straight Magic‘ represents the strength of exist†trace‘s combined forces and that the album concept focuses on the ‘inner strenght’.

“When these five cards, the members of exist†trace, get together, we create the strongest hand, the best magic!”, “Miracles do not just come to you when you wait for them. But, if you take a chance with your courage high, opportunities will always come to you. I want this album to give a strong push to people who are hesitating to step forward.”

miko also shared, “We’re already planning new things and fun surprises for our fans on this tour, even while we’re recording the songs for Royal Straight Magic. And we’ll continue to create moments together when we meet you at the live shows. Without a doubt, this will be a culmination of all our feelings from 2016. We’re going to make this a most special and magical time. We’ll wait for you to join us from overseas!”

So far, specific details regarding the album, like the track names and artworks weren’t announced yet, so stay tuned!

Below you can check out the main track off of their latest mini album ‘This Is Now’!