exist†trace will make their comeback with a new mini album in the beginning of next year!



They are a Japanese all-girl Visual Kei rock band, consisting of vocalist Jyou, vocalist and guitarist miko, guitarist Omi, bassist Naoto, and drummer Mally. They were created in 2003 and are the first all-girl band!



Their latest album ‘WORLD MAKER‘ was released in September 2014. Since then they have been perfored on multiple live shows and had promotion events. Now, the girls will return with their new mini album this coming March! It will contain six songs, while two tracks, “Twin Wings” and “Shout Out”, were pre-released earlier this year as exclusive singles which were only available through their live shows and for their international fan club, Archangel Diamond.



So look forward to their return and stay tuned for more updates!




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