There are updates on exist†trace‘s upcoming schedule!

They are one of the first all-female visual kei rock bands and consists of the 5 members Jyou (vocal), miko (guitar, vocal), Omi (guitar), Naoto (bass), and Mally (drums). Their latest release was ‘Royal Straight Magic‘ which was released last November. You can listen to an audio preview in the related article [HERE].

The band announced now a monthly one-man show in Japan. It will always be on the 19th as it is a special event day for the band. It’s ‘IGU DAY‘, based on the katakana spelling of their name. The upcoming event is titled ‘chain resonance’ and will be on April 19th at Tokyo’s club aim. More details can be found on their website [HERE].

In additional news, “the members Jyou and miko appear as models for the Japanese fashion brand CIVARIZE 2017 Spring Season Collection, with limited in-store flyers available through the end of March.” You can find more information [HERE].