EXO‘s fans have bought the view count for the Korean version of their “Love Me Right” music video to over 15 million and they released a new video in thanks.



This video has been released as a part of the MV event that SME has been carrying out for EXO‘s latest release “Love Me Right.” They have been releasing previously undisclosed videos as ‘thanks’ for their fans helping them to reach certain milestones in views. The most recent milestone met was surpassing 15 million views and a new video has been released. The “Love Me Right” music video is currently almost reaching the 17 million mark, showing that the fans are determined to make the next, and final, milestone at 20 million views.



In the new video, each of the members get a solo shot as carry out different actions to the sound of their song “Tender Love” playing in the background. In the message written in the video’s description, they thank their fans for their love and support.



Check out the sweet video below: