FIVE NEW OLD leave fans wanting more in their short music video for “Hole“!



When we say short, we mean really short. The 4-member Japanese band leaves fans in want of a longer music video considering this one is only 39 seconds! However, it is quantity versus quality, as this PV is still really great regardless of the length! This track, sung fully in English, shows them performing in a nicely set up room along with some short, solo shot clips.



This song comes from their new album that’s set to release on the 24th of June titled ‘LISLE’S NEON‘. You can check out the track list below!


1. Foxtrot
2. Ashes To Ashes
3. Hole
4. Undercover
5. Why Am I Here To Stay?
6. Lisle’s Neon
7. Tango On The Edge
8. Liar
9. Somewhere Down The Line
10. The Circle
11. One



What do you guys think?