FLOW will be singing a theme song for incredibly popular anime, ‘Naruto’!



FLOW will be releasing a new single titled ‘Niji No Sora‘ on August 12th! However, you will be able to hear the song even earlier then that! It will be used as the ending theme for ‘Naruto Shippuden‘ on the episode airing on July 2nd, so be on the look out!



This will be their 5th theme song they’ve sang for TV Tokyo‘s ‘Naruto‘, considering they’ve released songs  “GO!!!“, “Re:member“, “SUMMER FREAK“, and “Sign”. It’s like FLOW are honorary artists for the anime!



Niji No Sora‘ will be released in three editions: Limited Edition, Regular Edition, and Anime Edition.



Are you guys looking forward to it? Be on the lookout for the episode airing on July 2nd!