Fromm has released the music video for “Pieces of You and Me” which has Just Music‘s Giriboy on the track.

She has released her latest mini album ‘Erica‘ which contains the following 6 tracks, “달의 뒤편으로 와요 (Come to the Back Side of the Moon)“, “반짝이던 안녕 (Our Sparkling Beginning)“, lead track “서로의 조각 (Pieces of You and Me)“, plus the acoustic version, “Blue Night“, “당신의 계절은 무엇입니까 (What Season Are You)” which features Mystic Entertainment‘s Cho  Jung Chi.

A music video for the leading track has been revealed and is the creation of GABWORKS. It is a soft and peaceful track with beautiful lyrics. So make sure to turn on the subtitles and check it out above!