To celebrate his 25 years on the music scene, the Japanese musician Fukuyama Masaharu will bring out the new single “I am a HERO“ on 19th August.



The upcoming single will include 5 songs that have already been praised by the Japanese audience since the track “I am a HERO” was used as the theme song for NTV drama “Hanasaki Mai ga Damattenai”, “Mikaniro no Natsuyasumi 2015” as the theme song for the movie “Ari no Mama de Itai”, and the other three were presented in different commercials.



“I am a HERO“ will be released in four different versions, including the Fan Club Edition for the first time. In this edition, Fukuyama Masaharu will treat fans with a booklet, where the singer has collected together his childhood and debut photos to include in it. It will also include a love letter that he has written to thank the fans for being by his side for 25 years.



The Limited Edition with a Music Clips DVD will also include the MVs for two songs, “I am a HERO” and “Stage no Mamono”.



Check out the CD & Limited Edition DVD track list below, and let’s now wait for the single!




01. I am a HERO
02. Stage no Mamono
03. Sono Egao ga Mitai
04. Nando Demo Hana ga Saku You ni Watashi wo Ikiyou
05. Mikaniro no Natsuyasumi 2015
06. I LOVE YOU (Fan Club Edition)



Limited Edition DVD:

01. I am a HERO (Music Clip)
02. Stage no Mamono (Music Clip)