G-Friend are finally back with “Fingertip“!

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The track derives from their 4th mini album ‘The Awakening‘. Released on 5th of March, the girl group have racked up almost 4 million views in 5 days!

Showcasing their perfect synchronisation and providing us with yet another stunning track, the girls have outdone themselves with their new comeback! Their signature old-school and disco vibe beams through the track and the girls deliver another bop.

Yong Bae and Lee Gi have created this track, just like every other track the group have released. As per usual, the duo don’t disappoint!

To add to the excitement, they’ve even released another two versions of the video; one being the ‘hidden catch’ version where fans are challenged to spot the difference between the two music videos, and the usual choreography version where fans can gawk at their dance moves at an intense level!

You can check out the original music video above, and the other two versions below!


Another dance version of their comeback track has just dropped! Check out ‘choreography B version’ of their iconic “Fingertip” dance below as the girls groove in a different set and outfits!