Hi-Lite Records‘ rapper G2 has released his latest mini album, along with the music video for leading track “1999” which features AOMG‘s GRAY.

His new release is titled ‘G2’s Life Pt. 1‘ and contains 6 tracks, including the pre-released track “We Are Young” featuring Jessi. Check out the full tracklist below:

1. 1999 (Feat. GRAY)
2. Gray
3. Hi-Way (Feat. Hwaji & Paloalto)
4. Oasis (Feat. Car, the garden & YDG)
5. 위하여 (We Are Young) (Feat. Jessi)
6. Hip Hop (Interlude)

In “1999G2 unfolds his journey through life, raps about his family, friends, and more. The music video also shows photos from his past and they are connected through animations that show a whole story. The music video was directed by HAIL of KEEPUSWEIRD.

Check it out above!