GOT7 spoil IGOT7s rotten with two different versions in their dance practice for “Just Right“!



The first one they released was on the 16th of July and sat as a normal dance practice video. The camera is angled just right so you can see their dance moves perfectly (although you can’t get that much of their faces close up). From flips to Mark‘s martial arts tricking to the interesting yet brilliant choreography, GOT7 show all that they’ve got in this video!



But of course, GOT7 wouldn’t be GOT7 if they only had ONE version of their comeback song, so of course, they opted for the ‘Crazy Boyfriend Version’ route! If you’re not a fan of them, you will be after you watch this video! Both hilarious yet also heart-stopping, the 7 members will have you drowning in feels with this version as the members fight for your attention! (Just a heads up: It’s sort of hard not to miss out on Mark when he’s wearing that intensely illuminous pink wife beater!)



Check out the two versions below!