GOT7 has finally released the cute and bright music video for their new song “Just Right.”



The sometimes sexy, sometimes adorkable boys of GOT7 are back with their 6-track, third mini album “Just Right (딱 좋아).” The album includes the following tracks:



1. Just Right (딱 좋아)

2. Full Moon Before Sunrise (보름달이 뜨기 전에)

3. Whole Body Responded (온몸이 반응해)

4. Nice

5. Mine

6. Back to Me




Taking the cuteness up a notch from their previous comeback with “Stop Stop It (하지하지마),” the music video for their new title track is bright and colorful as the boys shrink to a size smaller than ones finger. They talk about how a girl is always complaining about her appearance, but the boy can’t fins any flaws in her no matter how many times he looks at her and tells her that he thinks she is ‘Just Right’ no matter what she says or think.




Check out the music video below:






You can also check out the Making Video at the link [HERE].



If you haven’t checked it out already, check out their album spoiler for “” below to preview it before purchasing the whole album itself: