The girls of AKB48 get ready for Halloween as fans say goodbye to Asuka Kuramochi as she graduates!



It seems like Halloween has come early for AKB48 as they reveal their new single titled ‘Halloween Night‘! The group introduced the song for the first time on the July 4th special live broadcast of ‘THE MUSIC DAY Ongaku wa Taiyou da’.



During the performance of ‘Halloween Night‘, the girls cutely danced to the fun disco beat and were dressed appropriately, as the song title suggests, in various Halloween costumes, such as a vampire, doll or cat etc. However, fans don’t have to wait till Halloween for the single as it’s set for release on August 26th!



Whilst fans have the single to look forward to, it seems they also have to prepare for a farewell. The AKB48 graduation list continues to grow this year as member Asuka Kuramochi has announced that she will be graduating from the group!



Kuramochi expressed her thankful heart and how much she had grown during her time as captain for Team B, “As I have never experienced being a captain before, everyday was fresh and everyday was a learning experience. When we toured as a team last year, I was able to see how much my juniors have grown. At that time, I felt that my job was done. I feel I was able to overcome my weaknesses of bringing the team together and looking after each member.



She also expressed her desire to continue challenging herself as a sports caster,”I am realizing how difficult it is to deliver the words of athletes and people who support those athletes with my own words. Above all, I was able to realize how wonderful sports are. Delivering my words through sports is one of the things I want to actively pursue”, and wishes to act in plays,”I also want to challenge myself to acting in plays that will make everyone feel better.



We wish Asuka Kuramochi all the best and hope to see more of her soon in the future! She will be officially graduating on August 17th!