Hello Venus (헬로비너스) take on a sexy and edgy concept in “I’m Ill (난 예술이야)” for their latest comeback.



The girls of Hello Venus (헬로비너스) have teamed up with Brave Sound to create the title track for their 5th mini album release “I’m Ill (난 예술이야)”  and, as previously mentioned, they have taken on a sexy and edgy image with short skirts, midriff baring tops, flashy colors, and brightly colored hair.







It seems like the Bangtan Boys are not the only one taking on English slang for their song titles, as the girls’ title track, and first song on the album track list, “I’m Ill (난 예술이야),” can more literally be translated as ‘I’m artistic.’ It is a fun and upbeat dance track that would be perfect for when hanging out with friends or at the club.




Check out the music video for ” I’m Ill (난 예술이야)” below:






The 5- track mini album was released on July 22nd and contains 4 new songs and a club remix of the title track:


1. I’m Ill (난 예술이야)

2. Show Window

3. Whatcha Talk About

4. Chameleon (카멜레온)

5. I’m Ill (난 예술이야) (Club Remix)