Hello Venus has joined the mass of K-pop groups that will be making a comeback this summer.



The girls of Hello Venus are taking on a sexy chic image as they join the fray. With their colorful hair styles and simple, but sexy black and white party outfits, they boldly declare that they will be “entering the waging war of Girl Groups” on July 22nd.



In addition to the teaser photo revealed above, the girls had previously revealed their radiant, colorful hairstyles as they were still teasing that they would be making a comeback “soon.”






Another photo was recently revealed, this time it does not show the girls, but the hard working staff that are helping the girls in their comeback as the photo clearly shows a number of people sitting and kneeling in the grass as they work to pick up the numerous pieces of sparkles from the ground. The photo was posted with the following message:



자켓 촬영 비하인드ㅎㅎ촬영 후 스텝분들과 멤버들이 함께 반짝이를 하나하나 손으로 주워야했다는…큭 잔디 안에 반짝이들을 사수? 아니 회수하라! >,<
‪#‎헬로비너스‬ ‪#‎컴백‬ ‪#‎7월22일‬


Behind the scenes of the album cover shooting hehe After shooting the cover photo, the staff and our members picked up the sparkling props one by one by hand… keke.. Find the sparkles inbetween each grass? No collect them! upset emoticon ‪#‎Hellovenus‬ ‪#‎Comeback‬ ‪#‎July_22nd‬






Stay tuned for more details on the girls’ upcoming comeback.