The ever so talented Hotei has revealed the arrival of his new album along with details for his London concert!



Before we get you hyped up about his new album, allow us to introduce you to his impressive musical history first. It’s beyond the bounds of possibility to deny that Hotei‘s upcoming album will be a hit, considering just how successful and renowned he is.  Hotei has done many collaborations before with the likes of successful people such as David Bowie, Mike Stern and the Rolling Stones. Hotei has sold over 40 million records and is recognised for famous hits such as “Battle Without Honor or Humanity” from the film “Kill Bill“. On June 15th, he collaborated with Iggy Pop for “How The Cookie Crumbles” too which was a head-banding, adrenaline-pumping rock track that had you energised within seconds!



Now, he’ll be returning with a new album on October 16th titled ‘Strangers‘ via SpineFarm Records. The album has an impressive lineup with artists who we’re more than positive will make an amazing contribution to ‘Strangers‘. The following artists are: Iggy Pop, Richard Z.Kruspe (Emigrate/Rammstein), Matt Tuck (Bullet For My Valentine), Noko (Apollo 440) and Texan artist Shea Seger.



The album will commence with “Medusa“, which will be as eerie as it sounds. Emotive songs such as “Move It” and “Kill To Love You” will be featured on the album, and we don’t doubt for a second that they’ll be brilliant tracks. Hotei aims to show off his versatility and dynamic dimension in this album by combining his talents as a songwriter  and a virtuoso guitarist along with the help of the amazing line up of renowned rock artists that was mentioned above. You can watch the video introduction to the album too!



Hotei mentions: “British rock has always been a great source of inspiration to me and now living in London with a fresh start, ‘Strangers’ allows me to take a step out of this new and relatively anonymous space to introduce myself. A stranger to many, remembering the days when I was young and just starting out, playing gigs to a room of only 20 people, I want to connect with people individually and let them understand me through my music.



Hotei also credits the following for the writing and production of the album: Youth (Pink Floyd, Verve,
Killing Joke), Leo Abrahams (Brian Eno, Paolo Nutini) and Stephen Lipson (Jeff Beck,
Grace Jones, Hans Zimmer).



Not only that, but Hotei will also be performing in London too! He will be playing live at the Islington Assembly Hall on October 21st. For more information on tickets and prices, you can check out the link [HERE]. You can check out the flyer for the concert above too!