hyukoh have signed a contact with Tablo of Epik High‘s label called HIGHGRND!



hyukoh are initially an indie band but have been garnering much attention ever since their appearance on ‘Infinity Challenge‘ along with acts such as Big Bang‘s G-Dragon and Taeyang and Zion.T. Their most recent releases can be found in our previous article [HERE] and [HERE].



Now, they are officially HIGHGRND‘s first artist under that label! As of now, HIGHGRND will be in charge of the band’s music and promotional activities, but hyukoh‘s current company ‘drdrAMC‘ will still be managing them.



HIGHGRND have this to say about the events: “A big [reason] why hyukoh chose HIGHGRND was because both Tablo and the band were impressed with each other’s music. Tablo and hyukoh recently worked together to prepare for a performance and built a relationship. hyukoh has decided to work with HIGHGRND because we are all working towards the same direction.”



And we don’t doubt their words! In episode 4 of Show Me The Money, the band joined Tablo on stage for their performance, and did a really good job too! We’re excited to see what they’ll be releasing in the future.



In the meantime, check out this clip that hyukoh and HIGHGRND have released to show you guys what’s in store for them!