Idoling!!! get ready to say farewell with their final single ‘Cheering You!!!‘!



Earlier this year Idoling!!! announced their plans to disband, but not before adding three new members and leaving fans with lots of special merchandise!



In addition to the release of their new and final single ‘Cheering You!!!‘, the group will release their final album ‘SINGLE COLLECTION!!!‘ on September 9th. This will be a collection of all their singles and will be available as both a regular and limited edition, with the limited edition including a DVD of their music videos. The album will also contain some new songs. If you’re a hardcore fan and that’s not enough for you, then you might be interested in the ‘-IDOLING!!! COMPLETE BOX 2007~2015-‘ which is a massive box set containing 14 CDs and 7 blu-ray discs that are filled with music videos and unseen footage! This amazing box set will be released on October 31st! Fans will also be able to see the group live for the last time on October 5th at the Nippon Budokan.



Despite this being their final single, the girls are as cheerful as ever, smiling and dancing brightly in their music video for ‘Cheering You!!!‘. Idoling!!! will officially disband on October 31st.