INFINITE has revealed that they will be making a summer comeback with a new album titled “Reality.”



They will be releasing their upcoming mini album “Reality” on July 13th and so far, they have released information on several of the tracks that will be on the upcoming album and they have also revealed teaser images for each one. The first track off of the album is “Betting,” which was created by Rphabet and said to be a relaxing track with the meaning of being willing to bet everything on a person you love.




The second track off of the album is “Bad” and a music video teaser has also been posted for this track. Check out both the teaser photo and teaser video below:









The third track off of the album is titled “Moonlight” and it was announced with an adorable photo of members Dongwoo and Sungyeol. Many fans also added to the adorable-ness of the photo by commenting that the streets were dirty and asking the boys to stand up:







The fourth track from the album is titled “Footstep (발걸음)” and can also be translated as “Foot Fall.” Woolim Entertainment released the title of this track with a teaser photo showing INFINITE members Hoya and WooHyun in front of a vehicle with tall grass and trees in the background, looking very sexy and handsome:







The fifth track off of the album goes back to the cute theme as three of the members kneel in the front holding on to each others’ hair while another member is in the background and it is quite unclear what he is doing. The fifth track is titled “Standing Face to Face (마주보며 서있어).”






Stay tuned for more information!