Q: How do you feel to be in Poland for the 1st time?

Cory: We like it.

Kisu: Poland is amazing! It’s really beautiful.

Q: Do you plan on visiting other European countries later on this year?

Kisu: First I’d like to see all of Poland, meet its culture, get used to it. And then I can go to other countries. For now, I wanna stay here.

Q: What are your projects for the start of the year?

Cory: We would like to continue our performance with Superfly. We still have some invitations with it.

Kisu: We would like to show what 24k is. This year we would like to visit other European countries. We want to show that ‘Superfly’ is still on top. We would like to show it to everyone. We will keep working on that.

Q: Your music has evolved to be even more EDM, do you plan on keeping that type of music or will you try some other genre?

Cory: This question is really on me, because actually starting from ‘Hey You’, I just kind of had the music control as far as music composition goes, it just got thrown out to me right and In the most positive manner. I just feel like that’s the best way to express k-pop music, because it’s so, you know, in your face. And, I’m working on the next song,  right now actually. I’m not gonna tell you exactly how it goes but yes, absolutely I enjoy making EDM so I feel like it’s come up like that. And you know, but that’s not a type of music that 24k wants to do, so. But absolutely that’s not something I would roll away I just kinda let it  broad. But you can expect something like that.

Q: How did you prepare for this concert in Poland?

Cory: He (Jeonguk) was sick and everyone asked how he prepared for this concert.

Kisu: It was hard because Cory was supposed to write a song and he struggle with finishing it, and we had problems to get prepared for this performance. But finally, he finished it and we will perform with this song.

Cory: It would be nice if that song came up during our comeback. But we have to work hard and we need to do a lot of work, so we will see.

Q: What do you think would be your spirit animal?

Cory: We’re gonna tell you each others.

Jeonguk: (for Jinhong) Squirrel. No. Otter.

Jinhong: (for Kisu) Rabbit

Kisu: (for Cory) Ant. He’s Ant-man

Cory: (for Daeil) Dinosaur. Raptor.

Daeil: (for Hui) Another raptor. Or no. Snail.

Hui: (for Jonguk) Stone. Rock.

Cory: His spirit is rock.

Q: If you could be born in another era which one would you choose?

Jinhong: First generation. The 1st ever.

Cory: He wants to be a caveman.

Cory: We’ve never talked about this. But maybe 900s?

Daeil: To the 1988 because dramas are set in this time.

Q: If you weren’t idols, what would you be doing now?

Jinhong or Kisu: I’d be a teacher in primary school.

Cory: I wanna have a farm of corgis.

Jeonguk: I’d open chicken restaurant.

Q: How do you see yourself as a group 5 years from now?

Jeonguk: Within 5 years, I will be adult finally.

Daeil: If in 5 years, we come back to Poland to have a concert and people will come then I will be happy. Thank you.

Q: Looking at the person on your right, if you could describe him as a dish, what would it be?

Hui: (about Daeil) Cheese.

Daeil: Why?

Hui: Because it’s a common thing, if someone like cheese, they like it very much. If they don’t like cheese, they hate it. That’s what it’s like with Daeil. (everyone laughs)

Daeil: (about Cory) Eggplant. Because he looks like eggplant.

Cory: (about Kisu) Gum. Because he is so soft like a gum.

Kisu: (about Jinhong) Beef steak in sweet sauce. Because it’s so beautiful and tasty. And his face is as dark as of a beef. (after a while) Just kidding.

Jinhong: (about Jeonguk) Tteokbokki. Because he just look like that, even Korean people say to him he looks like Tteokbokki. (Jinhong draws Tteoki on his eyes, nose and lips calling them tteok, everyone laughs)

Jeonguk: (about Hui) Caviar, because he’s from China. (everyone laughs)

Q: Would you like to leave a message for European fans?

Jeonguk: All of Europe, people from France, UK, Italy are waiting for us. We will try to go there and give concert for all of you as well.

Jinhong: I hope you will like us as a band and each member individually. And if you don’t like us then it’s time to change it, like us and support us.

Kisu: We will comeback with a lot of good music, so as my bandmates said, I hope you guys, from Europe will like it and accept us.

Cory: We debuted few years ago but it’s a first time we’ve come here to Europe. And we hope that your support will help us in the future. We hope you guys will give us a lot of support.

Daeil: Our fans, I love you and thank you.

Hui: ‘Kocham was’ (I love you in Polish), I love you and thank you!

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