Prior to ELO and DJ Pumkin showcases in London (April 17th) and Paris (April 18th), we had the opportunity to ask Elo some questions. Take a look at what he said!


Q: Hello and welcome to Europe! Could you please introduce yourself to the European fans?

A: Hello, I’m Elo. Nice to meet you, European fans!

Q: It’s a pleasure to have you here in Europe for these two showcases. How does it feel?

A: This is my first solo tour. Besides, it is abroad, so I’m nervous and I anticipate it.

Q: You are not alone in this adventure; DJ Pumkin has joined you. How did you prepare for these showcases together? Do you have any interesting facts about the making-of these two dates?

A: I will try to sing my album ‘8 femmes’ and the other songs as much as I can. It’s a rare chance meet European fans!

Q: You are the second AOMG artist to come to Europe, first one was none other than Jay Park. How does it feel to be the first AOMG’s artist to be able to have his own shows?

A: I think It is a great honor.

Q: If you could describe your music with three words, what would they be?

A: Basic. Atmosphere. Minimize.

Q: These days a lot of artists from different labels collaborate to release interesting music projects. Do you have someone from the Korean music industry that you would like to collaborate with?

A: These days, I’m planning something with a friend named Sin Hae-gyeong. He’s a really good artist and I hope you listen to his music. I want to hear the music I make this year!

Q: AOMG has gained a lot of popularity lately, especially among international fans. What do you think is the secret to AOMG’s success in Europe and abroad? What makes fans around Europe want to see AOMG’s artists so much?

A: I think it’s flexible. our music is based on hip-hop and R & B, but flexible to digest the music to match the trend at that time.

Q: We are already in March. Can we expect some exciting news from you and/or other AOMG’s artist in the upcoming months?

A: Feel free to call me everytime!

Q: Where would you like to be in 10 years? And your music, how do you think it will change?

A: Well, I have never thought about it, so it’s a pretty difficult question. It’s my dream to be a musician who does not fall behind in trend.

Q: Thank you once again for answering our questions. Please, could you leave a final message to Japako readers?

A: Hello, I am so glad to meet you, Japako’s readers, and I am so grateful for the love you send to Korean music. I hope I have a chance to meet you often and I will be happy to give you new music soon. Thank you.


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