On June 15th, 2015, the team of JAPAKO Music had the chance to meet the Korean Rock band Rock’n’Roll Radio before their Parisian show at “Le Buzz”.

Kim Naehyun, Kim Jinkyu, Choi Minkyu and Lee Minwoo gave us the opportunity to ask them some question in a coffee shop.



Could you introduce yourself to the JAPAKO Music readers?


We are Rock’n’roll Radio from South Korea. Should we say that we are a very famous band in Korea (laugh) and we are a rock band which plays music that will make you dance.


How did you come together to form the group?


Do you know the Korean rock band YB* ? About 10 years ago, we used to work for them as technicians, and after a few times, we decided to create our own band. it’s this way that we came to form “Rock’n’Roll radio”, 4 years ago now (2011).*YB = Yoon Do-Hyun band; Hard Rock/folk Rock



If you had to choose one, out of the songs you have released so far, which one would describe the group better?


Maybe “Shut up and dance” is the song which describes us most, because we wone many awards with it (laugh)



Is there any artist that you look up to at teh moment or that might inspire you? And if you can choose one of them, with whom would you want to collaborate?


Maybe Phoenix nowadays. We are inspired by many Englsigh bands and artists like Coldplay, Franz ferdinand, David Bowie.
Jinkyu: I really like Daft Punk too



For each of you, which parts of your job do you like the most? Writing, producing, playing live?


Playing live is for us the most enjoyable, because wiriting is very hard work and when we are in the producing part, sometimes we fight … (laugh)… ok, maybe not fighting, don’t worry we are not boxing each other, but we argue.



I heard that you’re recording your new EP in Paris, how did you come to make that choiche? Can you tell us a little bit more about it?


Annie Ko, the singer of Love X Stereo introduced us to Romain Tranchard from the band MODJO. We connected with each other and it was like: Let’s work together. oh ok!

Now we have been in Paris for 6 days and we spent 3 days recording. We hope that you will enhoy this collaboration; we are working hard on it.


Since your debut, you have already participated in many music festivals in Korea but also in the US and now you even make your first tour in France, what are you plans for the future? Are there any places where you would really want to play?


Now we are planning to release the new EP we are making in France. So we hope to come here again soon because there are so many beautiful places in Paris where I want to play, and we didn’t have time to really enjoy the city and you know, Paris is PARIS.

But if we need to say another one, I will say England. Like Liverpool. I support Liverpool on soccer (laugh).



It’s your first time playing in Europe and France, how do you feel about it?

We feel really comfortable; living in Paris is more human. In Korea, we work really hard and there’s no sleep, two jobs… life over there is difficult.


Tonight will be your last show in France for this tour, what do you think about the European crowd?

I think European audience and US too, are more focused on music. In Korea, they are more focused on performance or action. It’s more comfortable to play music here!



If you could be stuck in a movie or anime, which one would it be and why?

“Saturday night Fever”, because we play a kind of disco as a rock band, so we think it will suit us more.



Do you have any last words for our readers?


Hey, we are Rpck’n’roll radio from South korea; We release our new EP in France, so please look after us and give us lot of support. We love France.




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