We would like to introduce our readers to Gil-Lê, a rookie Vietnamese solo singer.



She  (Yes, that’s a she) made her debut last year with the soft and soothing “Unconditional” on May 22, 2014. With her handsome looks and tomboy nature in combination with her ability to both sing and rap well, she may remind many K-pop fans of F(x)‘s resident tomboy Amber and hence have often been called the Vietnamese version of Amber.



Check out the music video for her song “Unconditional” below:






Music Video Credits:


Directed/D.O.P: Nick Nguyễn ( Nicknguyen Studio)
Assistant director : Bé Tí Tử Tế
Editor: Vu Quach
Camera Operator: Trong Luc Le, Lee Nguyen
Make up: Ti Lee
Lighting: Phú Phương Nam
Special thank Lien Hua Family