ADAMS is a Japanese visual kei/rock duo formed in 2012 and consists of ADAM, the vocalist, and Shota, the guitarist. The call themselves a ‘Neo Sexual’ rock duo and have the aim of incorporating the themes of homosexuality into their songs, videos and their lives. ADAMS have said that they wanted to create something with their music that is timeless, revolutionary and original.




ADAMS aim to re-tell a story from Genesis, but with 2 ‘Adams’ rather than an ‘Adam and Eve’, which is seen as the first sin. Their concepts also consists of hints of scandals and the theme of ‘Ultimate Love’, which crosses the borders of love, cliches’ and gender.



ADAMS have had a lot of success since their debut in 2012 and have released 5 singles and 3 albums. 2 of ADAMS’ singles have been digital downloads while the other 3 have been physical singles.



ADAMS released both an album and a single during 2012, the single (Dizzy Love) being released in August and their first album (Neo Sexual) being released in November.



2013 saw ADAMS release their 1st digital download (Boku No Sei/Kimi No Sei), 2 more singles (Bittersweet & Seseragi) and their Bittersweet Tour in Europe (5 shows in Luxembourg, Germany and The Netherlands).




2014 saw ADAMS go even further with their success and held 23 shows in Europe and Russia in March/April on their First Sin EU Tour. They then went on to release their 2nd album, SixNine, and digital download single, Akisame in March and September respectively. November 2014 saw ADAMS make their debut in Latin America and held 2 shows in Mexico City for J’Fest.



ADAMS have now progressed even further this year and have already released their 3rd album (Sexplosion) in February and have held 30 shows in Europe and Russia from February to May to back the release of their new album. ADAMS say they aim to achieve it’s goal of sensational success before it’s 10th, and final, anniversary in 2021. We hope that when ADAMS return to Europe, they see even more fans at their shows and that they achieve their aim before the end!



Kirsty – May 2015

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