I am sure that you have already heard about Baroque but I will do a little introduction anyway so you can know a little bit more about them. They are a Japanese rock band with a tumultuous story. They debuted in 2001 and disbanded in 2004, came back in 2011, disbanded again. And then, in 2012 they came back together again until today.
The members are Ryo (vocals), Akira (guitar), Kei (guitar) and Bansaku (bass) but there were other members in the past, Naru and Yuji. They debuted under the label S’Cube but they switched to Firewall Div./SMEJ. They are credited to have started a sub-genre of visual kei, the oshare kei which is more colorful and has style of music that is not so dark.
Their first major hit was Gakidou, and after that they got great success and made a change both in their music and clothes, which got more and more casual. Ila was their second big hit.
But all the problems that they had and the resignation of some of their members do to personal or medical reasons caused big problems in the band. They decided to disband at the end of 2004.
After that, the members focused on their individual projects. Ryo and Kei, for example decided to go back to their former band Kannivalism. But, as any other big project, the members couldn’t help but to wish to play together again and they did so on July 17 2011, when they gave a free concert. They concert was so fulfilling for all of them that shortly after, on September 28 2011, they announced that they would reunite.
Just a few days after 2012 started, they released three singles “Rinzen Identity”, Mono Dorama” and “Teeny-Tiny Start”. All of them, as everyone would expect, got really high on the Oricon chart. Baroque became the first independent band to have 3 singles in the main positions of the chart. After that they went on tour throughout the country.
But things where going to get really bad. On June 26, the band announced that Bansaku had disappeared. It wasn’t until a month later that they knew through Bansaku‘s representative that he had decided to leave the band because of health problems.
Their latest album “Non-fiction” is expected to be released on April 3rd. It will have two different editions. The first one, the Limited Edition Type A will include a CD+DVD+deluxe booklet. The Limited Edition Type B will include a CD+DVD and the Regular Edition will include the CD with a bonus track only.
But that’s not the only release! They will also release a “best of” album on April 3rd , it will be called “Complete Collection 2001-2004” and it will include 2CDs+DVD.


Written by Chelo

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