Crystal Kay was born and raised in Japan to an African American father in the US navy and a Korean mother. For her American musical influences Crystal cites Janet and Michael Jackson, while in Japan she cites Speed and Namie Amuro for her influences.




She began her career through singing for TV commercials as a child at the age of 4. At the age of 12, in 1998, she was signed to the label Epic Records after a Vitamin Water commercial gained attention. Her debut came on 1st July 1999 with the single Eternal Memories. Since her rise to fame, Eternal Memories has become Crystal’s 8th best selling single.




March 23rd 2000 saw Crystal Kay’s debut album, C. L. L Crystal Lover Light, being released when she was at the age of 14. Her 4th single, Shadows Of Desire, was her first single to be sung completely in English and was off the album, Crystal Lover Light.





Crystal Kay then took a year off from music and returned with another single, Lost Child, on 15th February 2001. Her 2nd album, 637: Always and Forever was then released in August of the same year. The album became her first album to be in the top 20 in the Oricon charts when it debuted at number 19. She finished 2001 with a Christmas themed 7th single, Think Of U, on November 28th.




Her 3rd album, Almost Seventeen, debuted on October 23rd 2002 after 2 more single releases, Hard To Say and Girl U Love. Almost Seventeen gained Crystal Kay her fame as it debuted at number 2, sold 51,360 copies and became certified Platinum after a year on the charts. Crystal’s first top ten hit came through, I Like It and was the 2nd in a long line of hits for M-Flo.




Crystal Kay’s debut English album, Crystal Kay (also released as Natural: World Premiere Album in Japan), was released in 2003 and included covers of Gladys Knight, Cyndi Lauper and Judy Garland songs. Her first compilation album, CK5, was released on June 30th 2004 and featured a selection of tracks from her 4 previous albums as well as her latest single, Motherland. The album is also recognises her 5th anniversary since her debut single, Eternal Memories in 1999. CK5 became a platinum album after charting for 49 weeks and peaking at number 2. Bye My Darling! became Kay’s final release of 2004 on November 17th and was her 15th single overall.  




January 26th 2005 saw Crystal Kay’s saw the release of her next single, Kiss. Kiss went on to become her 2nd best selling single, with her fifth studio album, Crystal Style, becoming the 44th best selling album in Japan that year. Her 17th single, Koi ni Ochitara, was released in May 2005 and went on to become her best selling single of her career, selling 295,456 copies so far.




Her 2nd English single, Together, was used for the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin with her 6th album, Call Me Miss, debuting at number 2 on the charts and becoming certified platinum soon after. Crystal had another year long hiatus from music and returned again in 2007 with the single, Kitto Eien ni.




In 2008 it was then announced that Crystal Kay would be singing for the soundtrack to the 2008 Pokemon film. The single, titled One, has since gone on the sell 6,522 copies. Crystal Kay also graduated in Sociology from Sophia University in 2008, which allowed her to focus on her career full time. Her 8th studio album, Colour Change! (which reflected her graduation from university), eventually went on to be certified gold and sold 15,519 copies in its first week.





August 12th 2009 saw Crystal release her 24th single, After Love ( First Boyfriend)/Girlfriend, and marked the 10th anniversary of her debut on 1st July 1999. She finished off 2006 by releasing her first remix album, The Best Remixes Of CK on December 16th. In 2011, Crystal’s Spin The Music Tour had to be cancelled due to her falling ill and having to rest and recover.




On October 5th, Universal Music Group subsidiary label, Delicious Deli Records, announced that Crystal Kay had left Sony Music Japan after 12 years and had signed to them. In 2014 she released her first American debut, Busy Doing Nothing, and two more singles, Rule Your World and Dum Ditty Dumb.




Her 10th album, Vivid, was the first to be released on Delicious Deli Records and peaked at 35 on the charts in 2012. The next album was released in 2013 and was titled My Heart Beat Single and included just 2 tracks. Crystal Kay’s most recent album is Kimi no Ita Kara and was released on 3rd June 2015. She is also set to release a collaboration track with Namie Amuro in September of 2015.
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