DEATHGAZE is a Japanese alternative visual kei band formed back in Nagoya in July 2003. The members of the band are Ai (ex bass, now vocals and guitar), Naoki (drums), Kosuke (bass) and Takaki (guitar). But there were also other members that are no longer in the band such as Hazuki and Sou who were singers or Naoto who played the guitar in the band between 2003 and 2009.
At first, they started giving concerts in small halls, like many other bands. It wasn’t until seven months after they debut that they released their first maxi-single under the curious title of “294036224052“. They also did their first tour together between March and April 2004 to great success. But sadly, in the last concert of the tour Hazuki and Kanna left the band to be part of Lynch and Puppet Mammy respectively. This was a great shock to fans and to the band members, a change like this in such a new band could have meant the end of the band but the members didn’t give up. They didn’t waste their time and contact with other musicians to fill their places as soon as possible. Those musicians were no others than Naoto who was playing in Keil and Sou who played in Be-Luna.
They release their second single “CHAOS” with these new members in February 2005. The single was re-released in August of the same year with a new extra song.
In November they release another single to great success, it was “DOWNER“. They went on tour until January 2006. The Drug Overdose Death Tour had so much success. The band was growing day by day.
But the problems still chased the band. Sou, the main singer who had been absent of the band for already quite a while, went back just to say that he was leaving the band because of his wish to get married. What would the band do? Got a new singer, Ai the band’s bassist, and went on tour again, the Battle Rock Tour. This guys can’t stop making music no matter what!
The band has already released several singles and five albums since their debut: “Genocide and Mass Murder” (2006), “AWAKE – evoke the urge –” (2008), “THE CONTINUATION” (2009), “BLISS OUT” (2010), “CREATURE” (2012). All of them have had great success.
The band’s music and style is very dark. It’s a mixture of different styles being the most prominent Nu metal and Post-Hardcore rock. The vocals are also very varied, from a very clean way of singing to the used of growls. Ai, the singer, sings with a distinctive clean and nasal voice and does some of the growls but he is helped in this aspect by Kosuke who still provides a lot of the growled backing vocals.
2013 means the 10th anniversary of the band and for this special occasion they are preparing many special things. The first would be a new single in May. This would be follow by a Best Album in July. The third surprise is, in my opinion, the biggest one: an European Tour!
It will be called “THE END OF THE DECADE” and even though they have revealed dates or cities it has already created great expectation among European fans as it is not that common that we have the opportunity to see Japanese bands on concert in Europe. The only thing we know is that the tour will take place during July and after it they will go back to Japan and do a Japanese tour that will take almost two months, until the start of October.
They are talented and hard workers, no doubt DEATHGAZE is the amazing band it is today!
Written by Chelo


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