Doukoku is a visual kei band, formed in 2007, consisting of Ryusuke Uemura on vocals and his brother, Fumiya Uemura on guitars and synthesizer. The name of the band is translated as ‘a cry of feelings you can’t put into words’. The duo debuted in 2011 with the single titled “Gyakutai No Namida”. They began to be noticed the year after with their first mv and first mini album, “Doukoku No Ato”, released in March 2012. Doukoku’s next single was “Tensei No Hitomi” and was released on 23rd August 2013.



The next single to be released was “Yakusoku No Sanctuary” on 6th October 2013 before the release of their first live concert DVD titled “Tensei No Yoru, Hitomi Ni Doukoku O…”.
April of 2014 saw Doukoku’s next single, “Jinkou Shoujo”. It hit the charts with their version of “Ai No Sukima” being released the month after. Their most recent single “Ame, Tokidoki” was released at the start of 2015 with their first full album “Doukoku Sekai” being released on 13th March 2015.




At the start of 2015 Doukoku also announced that they would be starting their first European tour titled “Wailing World”. They went to 3 countries and did 8 performances with  great success at each event! By the end of the year, they had been interviewed by numerous magazines including Japako and a European magazine, “Akataiyou No Nihon”.



In January of this year, Doukoku released their latest single and video, Black Love, on their youtube channel, massing over 1,000 views in 3 weeks. We hope they continue to become popular with people all over the world and we wish them the very best of luck with any European tours they may have during their career!



Kirsty – March 2016