Exist Trace is a Japanese visual kei dark metal band, consisting entirely of female members. All members originate from Tokyo, Japan and the band formed in June 2003. The founding members are Jyou, Naoto and Mally, who then advertised for guitarists, thus meeting Miko and Omi. Each member has something special that keeps you hooked on their ever evolving sound. Check out the group’s line-up!
Lead vocals: Jyou (ジョウ)
Lead guitar: Omi (乙魅)
Rhythm guitar, vocals: Miko (ミコ)
Bass: Naoto (猶人)
Drums: Mally (マリ)
The style, haunting quality, melodic and piercing blend of sounds make Exist Trace a band that draws you in. After the release of their first demo Hai No Yuki, they put out an ad for new members and found Miko and Omi.
Working as a quintet around Tokyo, they released a second demo Kokomu, leading them to their first single Ambivalence. The biggest breakout hit that made their popularity soar was Judea with the fierce growls, strong guitar riffs, stunning visual aesthetic, and singing which haunts your soul. This sound kept on evolving and they also started showing their various versatile styles.


Alternating between Jyou and Miko, both with distinct singing styles, the band showcases numerous Gothic styles. Through the years they have established themselves, and in 2014, they even created an International fan club as their popularity increased all over the world. Their main fan club is called Vanguard and for the international one is called Archangel Diamond.
After a hiatus of 1.5 years, the band released the “This Is Now” mini-album, an energetic offering with more of a metal feel than previous releases (including a return to growling from Jyou and backup snarls from Omi and Naoto), as well as re-recorded versions of the singles “Twin Wings” and “Shout Out“. In Japan, the EP sold out within a day, across such stores as ZEAL LINK, Disk Union and BRAND-X. It is riveting and exciting watching them, so check out their new music album and single “This Is Now”! Exist Trace will released their new mini album “THIS IS NOW” in March! You can watch the full PV to the track “DREAM RIDER” online!

Mia, May 2016

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