Girugamesh is a Japanese visual kei metal band, which was formed in 2004 and is currently under DANGER CRUE RECORDS. Their lyrics deal with themes such as war, prisons, lies and betrayal.
They are not only famous in Japan and Asia, but they have also performed several times in America and Europe and the response was particularly positive.
Childhood friends, shuU and Nii, started the band and were joined by Cyrien and Hotaru in 2003. Both left the band in the same year and were replaced by Satoshi and Яyo in 2004.

Through playing steady gigs, they refined their sound – a unique distillation of nu-metal and Western heavy music.


Girugamesh consists of four musicians. Satoshi is the vocalist and he also writes the lyrics. He was an only child and shared an close relationship with his mother. Before his career he was an active local musician in the Ichikawa City area. Just like Яyo, who is the drummer of the band. Beside this, he is also the main songwriter and composes a vast majority of the music for Girugamesh. Яyo is the youngest of the four members. Nii plays the guitar in the band. He is the eldest of the four members and is a friend of shuU since the elementary school. ShuU is the bassist of Girugamesh and also the acclaimed “leader” of the band. It has been said by the others that without ShuU‘s direction, Girugamesh would have disbanded long time ago.


Girugamesh released their first full album with the title 13’s reborn“ in september 2006 and only months after this, they performed live in the United States in May 2007 and in Germany in June and September 2007. In december they released their second self-titled album.
The following year started very well for the band, because they had a successful tour through Europe with 6 performences in 5 countries. Their third album was released in August 2008, which was called “MUSIC“ and introduced a new, drastically different digital sound.


Their fourth album “NOW“ was released in December 2009. The Great East Japan Earthquake occurred in Japan while they were abroad. They returned home and poured their thoughts into a new single called “pray“ which was released only on the internet. In November 2013 their 6th album “Monster“ came out and in March 2014 the album “Live Best“ was released.



Girugamesh is a dark band with strong music and really talented and passionate members. They have achieved a lot in the past and we can expect a lot from them in the future.



Misaki – June 2014


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