Hiroyuki Ono is a Japanese singer who performs under the stage name “HITT”.  HITT‘s music is in the style of Jrock – his vocals are typical to the genre and he also plays a variety of instruments such as bass, guitar and piano.


Before becoming a solo artist, HITT was an underground musician; he was a member of the punk band BBdan in the early 2000s and later formed his own band called “THE HITMAN” before pursuing a solo career in the Japanese music industry.


In 2007, HITT took on the stage name Suzumura HITT and joined the band “OTOKAGE” as the band’s bassist and also composed a few of their songs such as “Hyakunen Yozakura Ninpou Chou”. While a part of this band, HITT performed in the US at Sakura Matsuri as part of OTOKAGE‘s world tour in 2008.


However in the following year,  HITT formally left “OTOKAGE” and made his official debut in Europe, but not before hosting his solo concert entitled “HITT SHOW – SONJAI TTE KURU NE”.


HITT‘s European debut was definitely successful as he also released the European version of the single “KAKKOTSUKE MAN”.


Since his first album “MEGAHITT”, HITT has definitely stayed true to the Jrock scene. Even his appearance alone gives off that fiery rockstar feeling. His sense of style is definitely the essence of Jrock!


HITT may be an ’82 liner -which may seem old to some people- but he still has rhythm! In every MV released by HITT we can see his quirky personality coming into play. It’s obvious that he favours the dark side of fashion as he is often seen wearing all black(with the immaculate heavy rimmed eyeliner to match!). The bird’s nest style back-combed hair topped off with chunky jewelry look will definitely never go out of date for HITT!



Izzy – December 2014