I-ai- (I-アイ-), simply pronounced as “eye”, stands for the English word ”I”, myself, and ”Ai”, the Japanese word for ‘love’. After releasing their first CD album on the November of 2011, visual kei duo I-ai have swept the nation with their unique sound – a wonderful blend of different genres combined into one. Every song released by this duo is like a breath of fresh air, as they constantly release something different each time – giving fans something new to get excited for! Their motive is to release music that will reach the hearts of fans all around the world and to break borders that language may create.



I-ai debuted as a trio on the first of November, 2011. On the 11th of November 2011, they released their first album ‘Crystallize’. The band consisted of vocalist Hiroaki, guitarist Yuki and bassist Mako. During 2012, the group had released live, demo versions of singles such as ‘Liquid Flower’ and ‘Neo Jesus.’ In 2013, ‘Fetish’ was released. Even though bassist Mako left the group, Hiroaki and Yuki still continued as a duo, and still spread great and diverse music for the audience to listen to and adore.  After promoting themselves with this line up, “Hiroro” decided to change his stage name to Hiroaki instead, hence why he recently promotes himself under that name. Soon after, I-ai released 3 new digital singles: ‘Bara to Hebi’, ‘Christian Rose’ and ‘DUTY’.  They are also going to be releasing two digital singles on the last day of 2014, ‘BLESS YOU’ and ‘Brand New World’ – so make sure to keep a look out on this late Christmas present!



I-ai are getting global recognition as the days go on. In 2014, they embarked on their very first European tour, spreading their music to countries like France, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.



The ever so passionate duo are definitely a group to watch out for; they can range from up-tempo rock to soft and sentimental ballads, appealing to all audiences. The sweet motive they have behind sharing their music is endearing, and you should definitely invest your time to look up on them!



Vocalist Hiroaki has this to say about music: “The message is more important than the words. If it’s possible to deliver the depths of the words to a heart, that itself is the real message”



Dea – December 2014