INKT is a 5 member group consisting of Koki Tanaka (ex KAT-TUN), known now as Koki, Kei, Kissy, mACKAz and SASSY (both ex High And Mighty Colour). Koki is the vocalist while Kei is the guitarist, Kissy is the keyboardist, mACKAz is the bassist and SASSY is the drummer.




Koki announced on his official twitter that he would be forming a new band, named INKT, and that they would be releasing a song called Trigger. The song is written by Koki and composed by Kissy. It was released on 30th September 2014 with a short version video being released first.


Their first full album, self titled ‘INKT’, was released on 8th November 2014 and included 12 tracks such as Trigger and Zutto. Their next album, Physalis, was released on 25th April 2015 and includes only 5 tracks, with the title track being Physalis.




We hope that INKT continue to release tracks and that they gain more popularity so that they can hold a European tour and please don’t hesitate to support INKT!



Kirsty – May 2015