MeteoroiD (formerly known as METEOROID) MeteroiD are a visual kei band who quickly rose to fame after their unique style and impressive music along with their vivid and adrenaline-pumping live performances! They started off as a session band in 2012, with vocalist GENKI, bassist Ral, and drummer Tomoya, but only became official band in 2013 as that was when guitarists Yutori and Machi joined the band. Yutori left in September of 2014, and Mikado then joined two months later.




Many J-POP and J-ROCK fans may already be familiar with the members of MeteoroiD considering they were all former members of other bands. Check out the list below of the members and their former bands:


Vocalist: GENKI (former : RED universe)


Bassist: Ral (former : ELL.Cinema S’trip, & RED universe)


Drummer: Tomoya (former : RED universe)


Guitarist: Machi (former : ViG∞DIVA)


Guitarist: Mikado (former : Dianslave)




The band released some singles prior to what is written on the official list on their website. These singles were all released in 2013 and 2014, but it wasn’t until late 2014 and 2015 that their website writes up until. The singles their website doesn’t include are as follows:


Driver (single) – released February, 2013.


Ballerina (single) – released June, 2013.


Ritoruboi (single) – released August, 2013.


Dracula (single) – released October, 2013.


Gemini (album) – released August, 2014.




In September 2014, guitarist Yutori parted ways from MeteoroiD but in November, Mikado joined the band. During that time, their image, concepts and music became a lot darker as well. You can check out their ‘official’ releases below!


Sokubaku (single) – released January, 2015.


Fukushi (single) – released March, 2015.


Kurobara (single) – released May, 2015.


Tori Kago no Sarasoju wa Shika no Hana (single) – released September, 2015.




MeteoroiD are a well experienced visual kei band with a gorgeous new makeover with a well varied musical resume to match! So what are you waiting for? Check out their new music video and single for “Tori Kago no Sarasoju wa Shika no Hana” now and show them your support!