Moumoon is a Japanese duo existing under the genre of pop.  Yuka is the lyricist and vocalist while Masaki is the composer and guitarist.



The word moumoon comes from the word “moon” coupled with the French word “mou” which means soft or tender.




Masaki and Yuka met in 2005 at a rock festival in the summer. A while after that, Yuka discovered Masaki’s demos and immediately wanted to work with him. Masaki has been noted saying that he felt that there was something very special in Yuka’s vocals so from that day onwards, they decided to pair up.  They had their first performance as Moumoon in October, 2005 at a little club in Tokyo.
In May 2010, “Sunshine Girl” gained them a number 12 spot on the Oricon chart which was a first for Moumoon.


Classical music was a huge part of both their childhoods as Masaki spent years playing the piano and Yuka played the violin.
The work they do does not just exist within one genre, they work within many different styles such as pop, alternative rock, folk and indie rock. They draw inspiration from many different avenues of life.


Yuka’s unique vocals coupled with Masaki’s bold melodies create a very interesting dynamic.



After Moumoon rose to fame, their songs were played on the radio frequently and some songs were used in commercials which lead to them gaining more mainstream support. In 2014, all eyes were on them because they held the biggest tour of their career (to date) which had them playing in 16 cities all across Japan. During 2014 they also played at many different music festivals.


To date, they have six studio albums, one concept album, three mini albums, seventeen singles, fourteen digital singles and two special release singles.



Their newest release is the album “It’s Our Time” which dropped on August, 2015.



They have gained quite a large following not only in Japan, but overseas as well which I believe will only grow with time!



December 2015 -Mary Katherine