NIA is a Japanese Visual Kei band based in Tokyo. In February 2013 they debuted under the name ANSIA/AUNCIA. After the departure of their bassist in February 2015, the band went on with 3 members until September 10th, when Kurita Kouhei joined Nishikawa Tatsuki (Vocal), Tateishi Jin (Guitar) and Fukamachi Hikari (Drums) to make ANSIA complete again. A few weeks later, they announced that they would go under the name “NIA”, with the three letters standing for “New Improve Ansia” to « start a new chapter » as said Hikari.

NIA released their first MV “COUNTDOWN” on January 13th 2016, from their first single “PRAYER” which was released shortly after on February 24th. Their next release will be a full album named “1 to U” on April 8th, with 11 songs including ANSIA’s singles and NIA’s new tracks.

In short, NIA is definitely a band to look up to, even if you didn’t know them as ANSIA!