One OK Rock is a four member band formed back in 2005 and is getting stronger and stronger everyday.
The funny and positive attitude of the members towards music and life as a whole can be perceived even from the name of the band.  The rehearse everyday at one o’clock and since Japanese doesn’t have the “l” sound they said one OK rock as a joke between the time and the style of the joke, and they just kept the name.  The band was founded by Yamashita  Toru (guitar) and Kohama Ryota (bass), and later Morita Takahiro (voice), Kanki Tomoya (bass)  and Onizawa  Alex (guitar) joined them.


In 2009, Alex had legal problems that affected the band. They lost some contracts and their image was damaged. He decided to leave the band so his problems wouldn’t harm the band anymore even though he was declared innocent afterwards.


It was 2 years after its foundation that they could release their first album “Zeitakubyou” under the label A-Sketch. It got to the 15th place in the Oricon chart. After that, four other albums has been released.

Beam of light” and “Kanjou effect” (2008) did good sales and in the weekly Oricon chart but it was the albums “Niche Syndrome” (2010) and “Zankyo reference” (2011) that gave the band their final push into the mass spotlight. They just released their new album “Jinsei x boku”  on February 6thand the this year’s tour is very expected as they will play in some of the main halls, both big and small, in Japan.


one ok rock


Apart from that they have released many singles, some of them more famous than others such as “Keep it real”, “NO SCARED” that was used in the PSP game Black Rock Shooter, or their latest single “The Beginning” that was used for the live action movie adaptation of the widely known Rurouni Kenshin manga.


The band has developed their own vibrant style which mixes rock and heavy metal in a very unique way. They have played live concerts in both small and big stages all along Japan since the very beginning and they get a very strong connection with the audience through their performances. Every concert is a crazy rock party for them and they want the audience to enjoy even more than they do!  They have done many tours, with the one they gave in Yokohama to an impressive audience of 24000 fans being one of the biggest concerts in their career.


Let’s hope that their love for playing music for people and the fame they have earned in Japan since their foundation will let them play in other countries as well so we can all enjoy their amazing music!


Written by Chelo

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