Scandal is a pop-rock band formed in Osaka back in 2006. The name of the band comes from a sign near a studio where they all use to go to practice when they were younger. The band is made of Haruna Ono (lead vocals), Mami Sasazaki (lead guitarist), Tomomi Ogawa (bassist), Rina Suzuki (drums). They are all between the ages of 23 and 26 and they met in Osaka after auditioning at Caless Dance & Vocal School for Kitty Records. Haruna, Tomomi and Mami were the first to apply and audition despite having never played an instrument before; Rina joined soon after when she was in her 2nd year of high school.


They started playing on the streets and parks as many other bands do. To be precise, they started playing at Shiroten in the Osaka Castle Park. They were talented enough to be spotted by an agent and signed to the indie label Kitty Records. They stayed with the label for 2 years.
It was then, back in 2008 that they released three singles and a mini-album. It was quite a success; they even had shows in the United States, France and Hong Kong among other places.


That very same year, in October, they had their first big released, their single “Doll” under a new record label called Epic Records Japan. They released their second single shortly after, it was called “Sakura Goodbye” and it was also a big success in the charts.


They kept on releasing new material, including their first album, and giving concerts until they received their first big award at the 51st Japan Record Awards in 2009. They received the New Artist Award.
After a successful tour throughout Asia they came back to Japan and released their second album “Temptation Box” and the ending theme for the “Loups-Garous” anime series. After this they have released singles non-stop, and are currently on their 14th. Regarding albums and mini-albums, they have released 5 albums and 2 compilation mini-albums.



They have had a lot of success during the past couple of years, even performing some songs for anime openings. That and the fact that they haven’t stopped giving shows around the world is the reason for their considerable international fanbase.



Chelo –  April 2014

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