Silhouette from the Skylit are a Japanese band that was formed in 2007. The band consists of four members altogether – Seshirox, Rockwell, Hirota Tetsurou and KOU. Former members of the band include Shouty and Aki (both guitarists).



The band was originally named Knights of the Round, however the name changed in 2008 when Seshirox was the only member left in the band following various member changes and departures.




The first member of Silhouette from the Skylit is the vocalist, Seshirox. Having previously lived in the US, Seshirox incorporates western music qualities into Japanese-produced works, bringing to the table an interesting array of sounds! Seshirox skills in English also help to create global music as he sings in both English and Japanese!



Next up is Rockwell, who joined Silhouette from the Skylit in 2010 following the departure of the band’s original guitarist. Rockwell aids in the arrangement of the band’s music – he is truly a talented and artistic soul with enviable guitar skills to boot!




Tetsurou joined the band in 2008 and together with Silhouette from the Skylit, released a demo titled “Expected Answer”! Tetsurou is the bass player in the band, and without him, it would be difficult to keep up any rhythm! He is a key member of Silhouette from the Skylit!



The final member of Silhouette from the Skylit is KOU. KOU is the drummer for the band and he joined in 2009 before the release of a demo titled “Everywhere”! KOU is definitely a softy at heart as he is an animal lover! KOU is both a kind soul and a talented drummer!




Since the band’s formation in 2007, Silhouette from the Skylit have released four albums altogether – “The World Will Never Save You”, “Arche”, “The Reflections” and “The Great and Desperate”. They also have a lot of live performances lined up for 2016, like the “Heracles Release Tour 2016 “DOUKASHITERUZE!!!”” where they will be playing in places such as “FUSE” and “CLUB DROP”!



Silhouette from the Skylit are definitely on their way to global success and recognition – they have recently made their way to Europe to perform at a convention in Germany!



Silhouette from the Skylit are certainly a band with an interesting sound that are worth checking it – I highly recommend doing so!



Written by Isabelle – March 2016

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