SKY-HI, also known as Hidaka Mitsuhiro is part of the Japanese group AAA (Triple A). He debuted as a soloist in 2013 and has been wowing fans with his immense rapping skills ever since. SKY-HI is renowned for his unique rapping and diverse tracks – ranging from pop to R&B and hip-hop. Tremendously appreciated by not only Japanese but international fans too, SKY-HI is undoubtedly a solo act you would not want to miss.




He first began in the music industry under the group Mother-Ninja and also AAA in 2005. He’s not active under Mother-Ninja anymore but still takes the role of the rapper in AAA. Back in 2010, many rappers used SKI BEATZ’s “24 Bars to Kill” as a method to compete with Japanese mix tapes and tracks on YouTube. Instead of passing the microphone after 24 measures, SKY-HI continued on and released 96 measures instead, impressing many fans of the hip hop scene. He released ‘96 Bars to Kill (24 Bars to Kill remix)’ and has made a mark on the hip hop scene ever since. He participated in many MC/rap battles and is very much in touch with the audience of underground rap. His skills in free style capture the attention of many listeners. He has participated in over 30 collaborations, even with K-POP sensations such as Kim Hyun Joong.



His first solo album was released on 2012 called ‘SKY-HI presents FLOATIN’ LAB Release party Welcome to the “LAB”’ which was an album showcasing all his various collaborations. He then went on to release singles such as ‘Ai Bloom/RULE’ and ‘Smile Drop’. His first mini album is called ‘Trickmaster’, however, a couple months after the release he officially debuted his first full album with the full length version of ‘Trickmaster’. He even successfully embarked on his first tour in 2014 called ‘SKY-HI TOUR 2014 -Trip of TRICKSTER-‘. It’s quite obvious to see how valued he is in the rap scene and music scene in general, which is not surprising considering the amount of raw talent he has.




SKY-HI is definitely someone to keep track with. He’s a genuinely nice person with so much to offer in terms of music. He’ll be releasing a single in March of this year (2015), so be sure to look out for that! Kindness and passion are the perfect combination for a successful and original artist, which is why I encourage you all to listen to his new music. Whilst his new single is yet to be released, listen to his latest single ‘Smile Drop’ to quench your anticipation!



Dea – January 2015