Spyair are a Japanese rock band from Nagoya. They formed in 2005 but were mostly unheard of until a bright spotlight fell on them in 2010 when they released their first major single entitled “Liar”, which went on to become the theme song to a J-Drama called “Hammer Session.” Sadly, all of the bands older releases are permanently out of print as they were all self-released and not sold in any shops. They used to perform live in the streets in Nagoya where they used to sell their music. The name “Spyair” comes from a snap decision made by the members, Spyair comes from the word “spyware” which is a virus that affects your computer.


Spyair made their debut under an indie label called “U-Project”. They have since moved to Sony Music Associated Records in 2010. Members Ike, Momiken and Kenta were classmates together in junior high school. UZ joined Spyair when his old band parted ways. All the members enjoyed similar tastes in music and one day when they were at Karaoke, they noticed “Ike had a pretty good voice” which they spoke about in an interview.


Ike (Ikeda Hidefumi) was born April 18th, 1984 and is the oldest member of Spyair at currently 30 years old. He is the vocalist of Spyair. Momiken (Momiyama Kenji), born November 14th, 1984, is the bassist and also the leader of Spyair. Kenta(Sasabe Kenta) was born March 16th, 1985. He is the drummer of Spyair. UZ (Nakai Yuuji) born December 13th, I984. He is the guitarist of Spyair and also the programmer. They had another member called Enzel who was the DJ for Spyair but he left the band for personal reasons.


Since their formation, Spyair have released six studio albums, two of which were self produced. Their newest release is “Best” released on the 26th of November 2014. They have one mini album entitled “I’ll be there”, which was also self produced. Since 2009, they have released 17 singles. Their newest is entitled “Imagination” and was released on the 30th of March 2014.



If you don’t know of them already, please check these talented men out and give them a lot of love! They held their European debut concert in Paris in 2013 and hopefully will travel to more European countries and cities in the future!


Mary Katherine – January 2015